Learn the most fundamental coding concepts in Python

Python is a programming language which is fairly easy to learn and widely used for web developing, machine learning and scientific data analysis in general. In this course you will receive an introduction to the most fundamental coding concepts. To access this course you have to download Python to your computer.

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Define variables in Python

  • Know the most important data types

  • Define functions and execute them as commands

  • Write conditional code (if/else-statements)

  • Construct simple iterative loops for repeatedly running code

  • Work with matrices (arrays) with the NumPy package

Course curriculum

This course is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes without problem solving

  • 1

    Python for beginners

    • 1. Welcome to Studynow

    • 2. Three questions before we get started

    • 3. Installing Python

    • 4. Jupyter and Spyder

    • 5. Commands

    • 6. Variables and comments

    • 7. Data types - Numbers and Text

    • 8. Data types - Lists

    • 9. Data types - NumPy Arrays

    • 10. Booleans and Conditional Code

    • 11. Functions

    • 12. Example

    • 13. Loops and List Compehensions

    • 14. Thanks for now

    • Questionnaire

Rune Højlund

Your instructor

Rune Højlund has a bachelor in Physics and Nanotechnology from DTU and has multiple years of experience with teaching in both physics courses and introductory programming. He works as a software developer at Kvalifik and has among many projects also co-developed a series of apps for physics and mathematics for high school level students.